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It's simple. We LOVE food!  

In his "previous life", Chef/Owner Sam worked for a large corporation in a lucrative, cushy office job. He spent 18 years climbing the corporate ladder and had achieved great success. The problem was, he always knew that he wanted something else. Something more.

What started out as a passion to eat amazing food turned into a bonafide obsession to create his version of the food he loves. This is how Chubbee Monkee was born.

The name Chubbee Monkee is derived from our Owner's Chinese Zodiac symbol (Year of the Monkey) and his chubby physique growing up as a child.  The food created in our kitchen is rooted in our owner's upbringing with a nod to all the wonderful meals he's tried during his many globetrotting adventures.

We wouldn't put out food that we wouldn't eat ourselves and we pride ourselves on that fact.  In saying that, we hope you can taste the love we put into our food and embrace the fact that...

...There's a Chubbee Monkee in all of us!  

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